#24D – Sun Watching After April 8th – ‘Earthly Objects’ in the Night Sky – & 10 More Stories [w/Paid]

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In This Issue: 

  • Cover Photo — Using Eclipse Viewers Outside of Eclipses
  • Welcome to Issue 24D!
  • Sky Planning Calendar —
    * Moon-Gazing – 
    Morning and evening Crescents pass planets
    * Observing—Plan-et
     – Mercury emerges into a great evening apparition
    * Border Crossings – The (Nine Days) Age of Aquarius
  • For the Future –
    – Planetary occultations
    – Comet Pons-Brooke
    – March 25th Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
    – Information on the Total Solar Eclipse April 8th
  • Astronomy in Everyday Life – What If We Use Earthly Objects for the Night Sky?
  • Deeper Looks
    – What Can You Do With Solar Viewers After April 8th?
    The items below are available only to Paid Subscribers:
    – Eye Spy on the Sun – An experiment on naked-eyesunspot watching (Cover Story)
    – Solar Disk-o 
    – Watching the Sun’s surface or Eclipses without a viewer or telescope
    – Shadow Travels
     – Where will the next solar eclipses be viewed before 2045?