The Galactic Times Podcast

Hear about the astronomy from the people who make the discoveries.

The Galactic Times was a news podcast that ran on Apple and about 11 other podcast directories from June 2020 through June 2021. Unlike many astronomy podcasts, this was formatted like a roughly bi-weekly magazine, with multiple articles, as well as a Sky Forecast. It ceased after its host ran into a serious health issue.

Its 10 podcasts are on this website and may be downloaded for free and played in any mp3 player. Sky event info, of course, is no longer accurate.


Dr. Larry Krumenaker, USA
Astronomer (stellar spectroscopy of cool and emission-line stars, planetary cartographic history), writer and publisher, astronomy educator. Long-time freelance science writer (Science, Sky and Telescope, The Classroom Astronomer, Earth Magazine, …), 2015 Journalist in Residence Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, past-president International Science Writers Association.


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