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The Inbox Magazine on Astronomy News, Sky Events, and Astronomy in Everyday Life — in longer form and deeper depths.

A once-monthly newsletter, new for November 2022.

Authoritatively written by astronomer, journalist and educator Dr. Larry Krumenaker. However, we hope and encourage future issues to have guest authors as well.

InDepth ceased with Issue #4.

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The First Issue (published November 6-7, 2022) was entitled “Space Excursions on Earth – An Exploration to a Crater”. Containing a 19-page PDF download, it simulates a space exploration of a lunar crater excursion by exploring the Wetumpka AL impact feature at a novice astronomer level with three driving trails along with local historical and science sites. The article is available for free with a PDF download link in the preview.

The second issue (published December 14, 2022) was entitled “What IS Above Us?” concerning the Gaia Mission and the stars and neighborhood in space directly above Earth, and the Solar System. The article is available for free with a PDF download link in the preview.

The next issue, published in January, concerns an astronomical look at Star Trek! This is the first subscribers-only issue, with an online preview.

The final issue, #4, was a semi-personal science story, on the microquasar SS 433, its discovery, what it is, and its entrance into popular culture, and the story of its discoverer.

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