The Galactic Times #24, May 16, 2022

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  • Cover Photo —The Eclipse via Ipad
  • Welcome to Issue 24
  • This Just In — 
    Good Water, Maybe. Good Soil, No* Final Link in the Nova Story
    * An Angry Sun?
    * A Clouded, Dark Eclipse (Cover Story)
  • Sky Planning Calendar —
    * Moon-Gazing – 
    Evenings: Nothing to See; Mornings: A Giant Meet and Greet!
    * Observing—Plan-et
    Mars Points Closely to Two Giant Worlds
    – Possible Meteor Outburst on the 30th?

    Border Crossings
  • Astronomy in Everyday LifeA Book of Lessons from Astronomical Mothers
  • The Classroom Astronomer Newsletter-Inbox Magazine #25 May 11, 2022 Issue Highlights.

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