The Galactic Times #18 – February 15, 2022

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  • Cover Photo — Dayglow Saturn!
  • This Just In — Stories in the Current Night Sky1.  Full Moon Gazing….
    2. Webb’s (Not So Pretty) First Photo, But How to Find That Star
    3. Alpha Centauri – Once More
    What the (Infrared) Eye Can See of Venus

    Dayglow Saturn
    Wet Mars, Longer Time for Life?
    Where was the Water Fountain? It was Already Here!
  • Sky Planning Calendar —
    * Moon-Gazing – 
    Jupiter Says Farewell….
    * Observing—Plan-et
     — ….and the Evening will be Bereft of Planets until April…and June
    * For the FutureMercury Points the Way Out to Saturn in March…and the Zodiac gets Weird Next Month
    Border Crossings — Something Fishy….
  • The Classroom Astronomer Inbox Magazine Issue 19 Highlights

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