The Galactic Times #16 – January 16, 2022

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Cover Photo — The Local Bubble, from Outside and from Earth

  • This Just In — Stories in the Current Night Sky:
    Two Stars Tearing Each Other Apart?
    The Demon Star May Have a Family|
    The Fog Lifts from Our Solar Neighborhood (Cover Story)
    Halos Are Not a Single Ring, but Many Fragments
  • Sky Planning Calendar —
    * Moon-Gazing – 
    From Full to Almost New, Near Mars and Mercury
    * Observing—Plan-et
     — Are Venus and Mars ‘On the Level?’; Easy Finding of Uranus
    Border Crossings — You are Forecasted to be Lucky if Your Birthday is the 19th
  • Astronomy in Everyday Life — Merry Obliquity Not <sigh>
  • The Classroom Astronomer Inbox Magazine Issue 16 Highlights

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