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The Inbox Magazine on Astronomy News, Sky Events, and Astronomy in Everyday Life

A twice-monthly newsletter that began May 2021, and that:

* brings the most interesting news stories (This Just In) which connect to the current night sky,
* contains a textual and visual two-week Sky Planning Calendar, using the Moon’s wanderings to find the planets and other objects, notes on the Planets and events,
* our astronomical horoscope musings, Border Crossings,
* Observing — Plan-et covers the Solar System happenings in the sky,
* For the Future–upcoming events you should be aware of,
* and the quirky findings of Astronomy in Everyday Life, and (in 2022) Star Trek stars (to coincide with a future Hermograph Press book).
The Galactic Times also offers other occasional features and articles including travel stories with an astronomical bent, software information, and other things…the universe is vast…..

Many stories come from the latest news in world astronomy conferences and journals. Unlike in mass media, all the stories are authoritatively written by astronomer, journalist and educator Dr. Larry Krumenaker.

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The Latest Six Issues: (click here to go to All Posts)

  • The Galactic Times #26, June 16, 2022
    This Just In–A Multi-planet Discovery Nearby, Cold Cosmic Clouds Covered Earth 2 My Ago, What Makes a Red Star “Wonderful”? and What Turned On the Universe’ Lights?; Moon Points to Planets and Mira.
  • The Galactic Times #25, June 1, 2022
    This Just In–A Meteor Drizzle, But That’s Okay!, Betelgeuse’s Weather Was Cool, Wet, Cloudy, and Dimmed, Dating the Late Bombardment; The Grand Line-Up Details; Astro Trucks and Actresses
  • The Galactic Times #24, May 16, 2022
    This Just In–Lunar Colonists Need Better Plant Soil, Filling in Nova Details, Angry Sun?, Dark Lunar Eclipse; Moon-Gazing–Planets/Moon Dawn Meet-and-Greet, A Meteor Outburst?; Astro Moms Book
  • The Galactic Times #23, May 1, 2022
    Total Lunar Eclipse–What to View; This Just In–Mars New Roundup, Could 2010 Actually Have Happened?; The Morning Exclamation Point, w/Jupiter!; Meteors & 2 Dead Comets; Selling Lunar Eclipse Stuff.
  • The Galactic Times #22, April 16, 2022
    Military Admits—It’s an Interstellar Meteor <3 years later>, New Way to Make a Jupiter; Mercury Lights Up the Dark, Moon Greets Dawn Planets; Venus Cozies With TWO Gas Worlds; A Prophetic Ship.
  • The Galactic Times #21, April 1, 2022
    This Just In: Ring Around the Rosy Star, Farthest Star Lensed?, Astronomy’s Big Carbon Footprint??, Pluto’s Not Dead Yet?; Planets Dance Close in Dawn, Mercury Enters Evening; What’s a Martian Year?

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