The Galactic Times Newsletter

A twice-monthly newsletter that follows up on the Podcast, that began May 2021, and that:

* Brings the most interesting news stories (This Just In) which connect to the current night sky
* A textual and visual two-week Sky Planning Calendar, using the Moon’s wanderings to find the planets and other objects, notes on the Planets and events, our anti-horoscope musings, and more.
* Other features include quirky findings of Astronomy in Everyday Life, and Star Trek stars (to coincide with a future Hermograph Press book).

Many stories come from the latest news in world astronomy conferences and journals. Unlike in mass media, all the stories are authoritatively written by astronomer, journalist and educator Dr. Larry Krumenaker.
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Past Newsletter Issues’ Tables of Contents (Issues 1-10)

* Issue 5 – July 17 – 31

Cover Editorial – Mr. Branson’s Flight

This Just In
Who Can See Us?
A Drunk Comet
A Lot of Spilt Milk Made Our Galaxy

Sky Planning Calendar

The Galactic Times Podcast – Planetary Music Part 2; 3 Exoplanetary Stars You Can Hear and Find; Four Interesting Things to Find and See July 17 – 31

The Classroom Astronomer Newsletter Highlights

Astronomy in Everyday Life

  • Issue 4 – July 1-16

Cover Photo : Mars and Ingenuity in 3-D! Find your Red and Blue glasses!

This Just In 
Largest Comet Ever Found?
The Milky Way as seen extragalactically, mapped by Neutron stars

Sky Planning Calendar

The Galactic Times Podcast – Planetary Music Part 1

The Classroom Astronomer Newsletter Highlights

Astronomy in Everyday Life
Sun Stamps
A Visit to Orion. Orion, Alabama.

  • Issue 3 – June 16

Photo: Sunrise over the Atlantic (partial phase of the Annular Eclipse
June 10)

This Just In
Do We Know What Happened to Orion’s shoulder
Speaking Dust, Where exactly does INTERSTELLAR Dust come from?
A New Jewel in Cassiopeia’s Crown
Where Came the Oort Cloud? Partially, from Other Stars

Sky Planning Calendar

Astronomy in Everyday Life
This Texas Representative Really Said That??????
Fashion for Young Astronomers

  • Issue 2 – June 1

Photo: May 26 Lunar Eclipse from Australia

Astronomy News
Rover! Come Here! (with list of active Mars probes)
Meanwhile, About the Giant Planets (Exoplanet distributions)
It is ALWAYS Meteor Shower Seasons Now

Sky Planning Calendar (Including tips for Observing the Sun Safely)

  • Issue 1 – May 15

Astronomy News
Shadows Moon’s South Pole
Speaking of Mars Probes (Ingenuity’s Sounds)
Red Giants Pulsing in Spring Sky
You Want a Piece of Asteroid? (Vesta fragments)

Sky Planning Calendar (Super Blood Moon Eclipse info)

Astronomy in Everyday Life
Weird Research Paper Titles