How to Listen/Donations and Memberships

How to listen to The Galactic Times:

1. Hear it on the following services–

Apple Podcasts/iTunes

Podcast Addict Overcast
Podchaser Pocketcast
Deezer Castro
ListenNotes Castbox

You should be able to locate it through their webpages or their apps, searching on “The Galactic Times”.

2. You will also be able to use the podcast player here!

We welcome your financial support!

You can be in the Parsec Level membership with a one-time financial contribution below, set up a recurring Kiloparsec Membership contribution, or become a Megaparsec Level Annual Member! For each contributor level, there are different benefits being developed– starting with discounts to products available on the Hermograph Press Web Store, downloadable extras from the broadcasts, future bonus episodes (we’re looking at special shows on astronomy education, for example), and other perks*.

We are also seeking sponsorships. Please contact us directly at contactgt {at} thegalactictimes {dot} com .

Click on the appropriate link below for your choice of membership level in The Galactic Times community!

Contribute a one-time amount, receive a discount off a Hermograph Press purchase equal to twice that donation amount (up to $20).

Recurring payments of up to $10 per month earn up to a 20% off discount from the Hermograph Press Store each month. Membership includes access to future downloadable extras.

Annual Memberships starting at $25 include percentage off discounts on Hermograph Press Store purchases, access to downloadable extras from the broadcasts, access to future ad-free episodes, and bonus episodes at the higher annual membership values.

All contributors will be put on the Galactic Times mailing list, unless

*All contributions are final and non-refundable. All benefits are subject to change. All dollar amount discounts also represent a minimum purchase amount.