Episode 21-02, July 16, 2021

Planetary Music Part 2 – Exoplanetary Systems

Dr. Frederic Hessman of the University of Goettingen, Germany rejoins host Dr. Larry Krumenaker and extends the last podcast episode’s discussion of Kepler’s Harmony of the Worlds to planets around other stars.  Three stars are heard, Gliese 221, TOI-178–a perfect C major chord!–and the Hell Star or Day of Judgement Star HD 10180.  (starts @1:12)

Three stars with Planets you can see with your eye alone or binoculars and have at least 3 planets (those, sorry, you can’t see).  With these sound files, you get to try and guess how many planets they have!  Charts are provided in The Galactic Times Newsletter.  (starts but without a break @23:40)

Skies Over Earth for July 17-31.  For a change, we explore events in order of interestingness.  Includes conjunctions of Venus and Regulus, Saturn approaching opposition, a meteor shower, and more. (starts @30:40)

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