Episode 7, October 29, 2020

Why The Galactic Times Went Silent @1:12
     It wasn’t a planned vacation……you might say it was a stroke of misfortune….

The Cosmic Halloween Sky @ @3:18
     An audio version of our new newspaper astronomy column.  Halloween, October 31st, has a few colorful and rare astronomical treats.  A Full Moon that is also a Micro-Moon and a Blue Moon, the second Full Moon of the month!  It is also making a triangle with two red stars, neither of which is always visible…Mars which wanders, and Mira which fades.  To the right will be Jupiter and Saturn. 

Skies Over Earth November 1 – 15th @11:35
     The first 10 days of November are astronomically quiet, a good time for constellation study, if you can handle the bright moonlight of Full diminishing to Last Quarter over the time frame.  Find the flying horse disguised as a baseball game, and a ghoulish star hidden in a celestial group that looks like the Greek letter Pi.  Higher up is the site of Tycho’s Supernova, the anniversary of its blast being the 11th easily located in Cassiopeia the Queen that looks like an M or W.  The 1572 explosion looked like Venus; our Venus finishes the night at dawn, and its neighbor Mercury makes a rare nighttime appearance, rising in the dark just before dawn for a week, the 7th through 15th.

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