Episode 6S, September 7, 2020

US Labor Day Special Episode –

Unusual Astronomers, Unusual Astronomy Jobs:
     Alice Gorman, Space Archaeologist  @1:08
         Maybe you “dig space” but how can you do that if you can’t GO there?  Let’s go ask  Alice…..
     Richard de Grijs, Museum Guide Channelling Captain James Cook  @33:22
          A professor of Astrophysics, a Dean, and a weekend (18th century) warrior-explorer who shows visitors how astronomy was done, including the Transit of Venus 200+ years ago by one of the first Europeans to visit the South Seas, Captain James Cook.
      Erik Stengler, Quasar Scientist Running Science Museum Studies Program  @45:27
          Many astronomers teach, too.  A percentage get to use planetariums.  Quasar astrophysicist runs a unique program, teaching students how to run science museums.

Skies Over Earth for September 15 – 30  @58:45

     The second half of September is pretty quiet.  The Moon goes from New to Full, we have a Super Moon Crescent, just nearby Mercury as it briefly comes into view for northern hemisphereans (better for southern Earthlings) near the Moon and Spica), Luna spends a day passing the gas giants.  The Sun takes up a LONG residence in Virgo and has an equinox on the 22nd. WInter, er, Autumn, is coming…..

{Art credit, Naval Research Laboratory}

– Taking a short break, next regular The Galactic Times will be September 30/October 1st. –

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